Albemarle Scientific Consulting LLC


Our start:

Albemarle Scientific Consulting was founded in 2011 to deliver education and training with application in the biopharmaceutical industry.  In particular, the scientific principles and best practices behind drug discovery, translational medicine, and product development are presented in a learning environment complemented with literature selected by the client or, under confidentiality, specific client challenges.  For a course listing in our focus areas navigate to the offerings page.  To request a proposal for education and training customized to a particular literature or a specific challenge faced by your organization, navigate to the contact page.

Practice Areas:
Education and Training
Management Consulting
Scientific Consulting
Statistical Consulting

Today, Albemarle Scientific Consulting offers management, scientific, and statistical consulting services to a broad array of clients from virtual start-up companies to fully-integrated commercial organizations.  Specific tasks in our practice areas may include:

  • Facilitation of sponsor-provider sessions
  • Interim management and recruitment
  • Mock regulatory inspection (e.g., 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Steering Committee charter and launch
  • Due diligence - acquisitions and licensing
  • Experimental design and screening algorithms
  • Protocol feasibility evaluation
  • Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) membership
  • Endpoint selection and hypothesis testing strategy
  • Sample size estimation and sensitivity analysis
  • Special Protocol Assessment mock review
  • Validation of external communications
  • Onsite training on applicable topics (e.g., GXP Compliance including 21 CFR Part 11, Statistical Topics in Clinical Research for Non-Statisticians, Virtual Drug Development)
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